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Our Policies

Rental Due Dates: For our semester leases fall semester rent is due on July 31st, spring semester rent is due October 1st, and summer semester is due April 1st. (If you are a financial aid recipient see below). For our yearly leases rent is due on the 1st of each month.

Financial Aid: If you receive financial aide, including grants and or loans, we will hold a rent check for you until you receive your refund check. To take advantage of this flexible payment option, you must provide us with a check for your rental amount, including your $50 holding fee, on or before the due date along with proof that you will be receiving grants and or loans. We will hold your check until October 1st for fall semester rent and February 1st for spring semester rent it’s as easy as that.

Late Fee Policy: Our late fee policy is as follows: Any semester rent not paid on or before the due date is assessed a $125.00 late fee including checks being held for finincial aid. Any monthly rent that is not paid on or before the 1st of the month is assessed a late fee of $10.00 plus $1.00 for each day not paid.

Security Deposits: The security deposit amount for our semester leases is $250.00 per person - a minimum of $500.00 per apartment. The security deposit amount for our year leases is the amount of one month’s rent. Security deposits are refundable, less any charges, and are returned within 30 days of the date all keys are handed into the office.

Animals: We do allow animals with the payment of an additional animal deposit and a signed animal agreement. Half of the deposit is refundable, less any damages, and is returned within 30 days of the date all keys are handed into the office.

Free Summer Holdovers: If you renew your lease for the following year, but are leaving for summer break, we offer a free summer holdover. Our free summer holdover allows you to keep your belongings in the same apartment during the summer without any additional charges. By taking advantage of our free summer holdover option you never have to move until you graduate.

Repairs & Maintenance: All of our properties are well maintained, but we do know things break. If something needs repaired at your apartment all you need to do is call the office at 814-734-7464 and put in a work order.

Move-in and Move-out Dates: For semester leases the move-in date is the Saturday prior to the start of fall semester. The move-out date is the Saturday after classes end.

One Semester Leases: At Therasse Rentals we offer a limited number of one semester leases. This option is available to our current tenants only.

Summer Storage: We offer free summer storage to our future tenants. You can make arrangements for summer storage by signing a storage contract at our office. We will then give you further instructions depending on the size storage you need.

Move-out Policies: Upon moving out you must have your apartment cleaned, carpets professionally cleaned, and turn your keys in at the office, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. We will send a check-list prior to you moving out to assist you with the proper procedures.

Therasse Rentals Offices are located at 214 Erie Street in Edinboro, PA 16412

For all your housing needs Call 814.734.7464
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